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Capgemini CPO: ‘Pay as you go’ future for procurement

Geplaatst op: 19 apr. 2019

Procurement is set to become a ‘pay as you go’ service, according to Emmanuel Erba, chief procurement officer, Capgemini.

Speaking to delegates at the Ivalua Now: The Art of Procurement event in Paris last week, he argued that the procurement is on a trajectory to being run as a service.

Erba pointed to the speed at which the ‘Big Five’ technology companies - Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook - can launch new products and services and the growing use of tools such as digital advertising.

“These forces are driving the market towards “everything as a service” and we in procurement will have to run as a service. There’s no way we can ignore it, either from a technology standpoint or because of the market dynamic.”

“Procurement is going to evolve into a pay-as-you-go model and CPOs all over the world are going to ...

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