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E-learning Contract Management CATS CM Foundation English

Opleiding start op: 01 apr. 2019 00:00

In on average 6 hours of guided study you get the basic knowledge for successful Contract Management, based on the proven method CATS CM. After the e-learning Contract Management you will be convinced that contracts indeed can be managed and become controllable with simple means and procedures.

Why this training?

  • You learn about CATS CM as practical approach to get a grip on your contracts
  • You will understand how you can add value to your organisation as Contract Manager
  • You will see opportunities for margin improvement or cost savings
  • You learn to recognize risks
  • You will be able to do the CATS CM Foundation exam successfully

After this e-learning Contract Management you will be able to

  • name the most important principles and terms regarding Contract Management;
  • understand Contract Management as discipline and place it in comparison with project-, service- and demand management;
  • understand the method CATS CM and the basics of the different steps in the process;
  • see the contract environment and your position/role therein;
  • make the first steps in getting a grip on your contracts with the method CATS CM, enabling you to achieve the objectives of your contracts.


  • What is Contract Management?
  • Why Contract Management, the value of Contract Management
  • The 4 CATS CM pillars:
    • Work To Be Done versus All Other Contract Matter
    • the roles within Contract Management
    • the Contract Management Process
    • the Contract Management Essentials
  • Tasks, responsibilities and authorization of the Contract Manager
  • The contract life cycle and the contract environment.

E-learning CATS CM Foundation English

01-04-2019 - CM Academy, online

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