Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement

24-11-22 09:00

Hospital Procurement Managers across Europe are facing a number of challenges. This masterclass helps you identify gaps and opportunities to develop a more strategic approach to hospital procurement. The masterclass is a collaboration between Health Proc Europe and Nevi.

About this training

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  • This masterclass is given in English.

Why the Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement?

Since the Corona crisis, Hospital & Healthcare purchasing has taken on unprecedented importance. This has been the turning point to proof the crucial role of good purchasing managers in hospitals, who master their supply chain.

Finally, purchasing is slowly gaining the importance it has long had in other industries. There, good purchasers are rightly referred to as “rock stars”. This is exactly what we are working on to achieve for hospital & healthcare buyers. That is why we have established the first European Masterclass in Hospital & Healthcare Procurement.

After the Corona Pandemic, the next challenges are already waiting for Hospital & Healthcare Buyers, which will become an integrated part of their role:

  • The already persistent cost pressure, further intensified by Corona
  • The trend toward Joint Cross Border Procurement initiatives between large European hospitals – finally on the verge of a major breakthrough here as well
  • The digitalization of procurement
  • The decarbonization of the supply chain or the implementation of the “European Green Deal” of the EU Commission
  • The monitoring of the suppliers -public pressure and international regulators are holding companies responsible not only for their own actions but also for those of their suppliers

These topics and much more form the framework of the first European Master Class in Hospital & Healthcare Purchasing. With this Masterclass which is codeveloped by Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz, you will upgrade your healthcare procurement competencies as an answer to current challenges and the digital transformation with practical use cases and tools to directly integrate into your daily activities. You will update your knowledge on improving buying decisions for better patient outcomes.

Program Outline Day 1

Module 1: Foundations of strategic procurement for executives
Strategies, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), How to drive business

Module 2: Supply risk management
How to mitigate Supply Chain disruptions, Risk management Models and governance.

Module 3: Tenders & auctions
Strategic positioning of tenders/auctions, requirements, how to create neutral specifications?, digital RFX processes

Module 4: Presentation & Discussion of selected international use cases
Wrap up Day 1

Program Outline Day 2

Module 5: Next generation procurement
How will Procurement in healthcare look like in the future (trends and outlook?)

What skills and mindset do procurers need?

  • Innovation
  • Digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Transformation
  • Change management
  • Ecosystem Building

Module 6: Cross Border Procurement
Creating Pan-European purchasing power:

collaboration sharing marketplaces/ digital cooperation tools;
joint cross border procurement;
digital procurement marketplaces.

Module 7: Panel discussion with selected Procurement solution providers
KeyNote & Introduction to panel participants

Discussion topics include:

Marketplaces, Supplier selection & performance evaluation, Sustainability Criteria/ De-Carbonization

Module 8: HealthCare Procurement Trends & Future Outlook
Showcase on:

How to integrate sustainability in public tenders?

The path to net-zero (example NHS/UK)

Wrap up Day 2

Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement


ZEIST – 24 nov 2022 (4 meetings) van 09:00 tot 17:00 – Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement – NEVI B.V.

Learning goals

  • In depth knowledge of strategic procurement.
  • Ability to connect purchasing portfolio to their organization.
  • Understanding of the importance of supplier relationship management.
  • Comprehension of the developments that have impact on the ways to obtain information for medical tender specifications.
  • Applying a new way of creating public/private tenders for medical devices.
  • Knowledge on the increasing role of sustainability in tenders and how to face this challenge as a procurer when selecting suppliers.
  • Applying digital procurement tools to real business cases.
  • Overview of digital procurement tools incl. tools regarding supplier sustainability.
  • An idea of how a marketplaces can be used and which economic advantages it brings.
  • Can formulate the benefits and challenges of horizontal or vertical supply chain integration (Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO).
  • The participants are able to translate the knowledge of healthcare procurement to their own practice.
  • Participants will receive an official Nevi/IFPSM Certificate.

For whom is the Masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement?

Procurement Managers, Procurement Directors, Head of Procurement / Purchasing, CPO, Director of Procurement / Purchasing, Supply Chain Managers + Industry

The European association of the buyers of hospitals and healthcare facilities. Although only founded in 2019, Health Proc Europe Association has become the largest healthcare procurement ecosystem in just two years.

The association of public procurement bodies representing 11 European countries. EHPPA members represent more than 2000 hospitals with purchasing volume of more than 12 billion euro. Mario Comba, president of EHPPA explains why you should attend the masterclass Hospital & Healthcare Procurement.


  1. Prof. dr. Frank Rozemeijer, Maastricht University
  2. Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz, Transforming Supply Chains into sustainable, resilient and agile Ecosystems
  3. Dieter Zocholl, Creating transparency in Europe’s healthcare & hospital procurement landscape