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Feedstock Procurement Manager

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Geplaatst op: 11 jun. 2019
Sector: privaat
Dienstverband: vast
Specialismes: Product Related
Locatie: Noord-Brabant

International | Business Development | Dongen, Netherlands


We are leading the development of the new insect protein industry. We take organic byproducts or waste as feedstock and convert that into high value protein using the Black Soldier Fly. We use the most advanced technology and produce according to the highest standards for both feed and food, improving the health of animals and humans alike while preserving the planet.

As our new plant in The Netherlands will be completed soon, we decided to accelerate the next phase of our industry roadmap and build an international base of production facilities.

Business Development

The goal is to embark on a global roll-out plan in the coming years. To do this professionally in several geographical regions Protix is investing in a global business development team. The team will focus on developing strong business cases worldwide and run them through a stage gate process. The team will work closely with other parts of the company to develop markets worldwide.

As feedstock is one of the main drivers of business cases, the development team needs someone dedicated to the topic. We are looking for a Feedstock Procurement Manager who will prioritise streams and negotiate feedstock contracts.

The position

As Feedstock Procurement Manager you are responsible for sourcing feedstock streams to feed insects at new plants. We expect you to develop knowledge on and prioritise feedstock streams, understand the impact of regulatory requirements & developments per region and are able to advise on sourcing strategies and negotiating in local circumstances, as well as signing supply agreements.

You enjoy leading negotiations on collaborations and to construct and negotiate contractual and business opportunities, where you are able to consider and identify incentives and financial, commercial, organizational and legal implications.

You have a clear understanding of, and an outstanding network in, food waste, food processing byproducts & other organic compound feed streams such as ethanol & starch byproducts. You are experienced with and are able to understand the drivers of local market prices. You also understand the impact of (biogas) subsidies, changes in legislation, transportation and treatment costs to the pricing and negotiation position.

The initial focus will be on Europe and North America, but you will assist in development across the world. Traveling will therefore be an essential part of the job. However, your main workplace is in the Protix office in Dongen.


  • Experience in the feedstock industry (e.g. supermarket waste haulers or processors, compound feed producers, traders or purchasers, anaerobic digesters);
  • Understanding of the economics and alternative uses of feedstock such as anaerobic digestion, incineration and use as feed;
  • Understanding of feedstock prices and local drivers, including transportation;
  • Experience in supply chain strategy and contract negotiation;
  • Experience in developing negotiation strategies and building and maintaining a strong and effective relationship with our (future) partners.
  • A network of feedstock traders and suppliers, preferably in Europe or North America;
  • Ability to identify and understand regulatory requirements by region;
  • Excellent listening, oral and written communications skills.

What you can expect from us

  • The potential to play an important role in the growth and development of a new industry;
  • A passionate team;
  • 26 vacation days and all other standard benefits;
  • A piece of the "Protix pie" in company employee shares;
  • A challenging environment where continuously learning is most important;
  • The possibility to contribute to the mission of Protix: "Bringing the food system back in balance with nature";
  • An environment in which your ideas are valued;
  • An entrepreneurial environment in which technology and biology go hand in hand.
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