IT Procurement & Contract Manager

Experts in the lead; You own the procurement and contract management at Schuberg Philis



I(C)T, Techniek

Full-time – Schiphol-Rijk – 32-40 uur

As a procurement and contract manager at Schuberg Philis the range of activities is broad; they cover the full spectrum from operational support, to handling tactical procurement, to creating and implementing company supplier management strategy in our growing company, collaborating with all roles/levels/teams, on small, large and everything in between projects.

  • Company-wide procurement, both IT and non-IT.
  • Full life cycle supplier relationship.
  • Contract management, including renewals and negotiations.
  • Vendor & Stakeholder management.
  • Cost forecasting.
  • Create, update, implement, and execute company-wide procurement and contract management strategies.

You are the expert in the field of procurement and contract management and will work with (IT) experts to close the best (long-term) deals for Schuberg Philis. You also manage contracts with existing suppliers and know how to get interesting new players to the table at Schuberg Philis, provide them with the right questions, and challenge them. Most of our suppliers are IT vendors and in addition, you will occasionally help our marketing, finance, facility, and people teams.

As with everything we do, we put experts in the lead, and we work in teams. When it comes down to procurement and contract management, you are part of the primary process for procurement and the main contact person for our colleagues. However, our organization is decentralized, and our multidisciplinary self-steering teams have a lot of mandate to make their own decisions. This also applies to making procurement decisions and contracts. As the expert on procurement and contract management, you take initiative and set direction in purchasing processes. This includes coaching and facilitating colleagues towards the best result possible. You’re interested in what our colleagues do and want to support them in making the best of it with your expertise.

In this role you will be successful if you have a strong affinity for technology and a broad knowledge of the purchasing profession, which you can effectively transfer. Furthermore, you are passionate about your profession of IT procurement and contract management. You have high standards and can bring out these standards in the people around you.

The following skills and experience will support you in being successful in this role;

  • WO/HBO level with relevant purchasing education or training.
  • 5+ years of relevant work experience leading projects in procurement, reviewing, redlining, and negotiating contracts.
  • A proven track record in stakeholder and supplier management, purchasing SaaS services, hardware, and software. Knowledge of reseller and distribution markets is a prerequisite.
  • Meticulous; You are precise, analytical, detail oriented, critical/thorough and you have the ability to zoom in and out (high level and in-depth). You dare to ask the right questions and to challenge the status quo. This role contains both strategic and basic elements.
  • Collaborative; You have the ability to build strong relationships, you’re interested in what our colleagues do and want to support them in making the best of it with your expertise. Your energy makes others excited about the task ahead.
  • Adaptability and perseverance; You self-starter, pro-active, confident, curious, and pragmatic. You are the expert in the procurement and contract management area, and you can handle organized chaos. You know how to bring structure to your own work and initiatives, and how to become part of something bigger.
  • Result-driven; You are determined to get the best results possible. Closing good deals, finding money, or saving money makes every negotiation a challenge for you. No contract is too complicated for you, you’ll get to the bottom of it and challenge what needs to be challenged.
  • English and Dutch language skills: You are comfortable working in an environment where the main language is English, yet many of your stakeholders and colleagues are Dutch.

We offer a permanent contract, and the role is hybrid; based out of our Schiphol-Rijk office, minimum of 3 days per week in the office and we are open to 24-40 hours per week.

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